Monday, January 29, 2007

AM for a year

So ive been attending Animation Mentor for over a year now and am currently in class 5, short film production. Compared to all the other classes, this one starts off pretty slow. We get lots of time to think and ponder upon our story's. I had been animating 6 months straight from class 3 to 4.. we didnt have a break or anything so it was quite welcome. Story is coming along pretty good and i'l post my story boards etc. here when the time time comes.

I'l have to put the character walk on hold for a few weeks, doing some freelance work now and need to spend my hours on that. BUT I will finish it and post the final here aswel.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Creating a walk cycle part 3

Ok, so by now i have reached the phase i am quite happy with the feet and hips and COG movement. So now i am layering in the rest, i start from the inside out. In this example i have added upper chest rotation, some squash and stretch on the body which makes the neck fat come up and down (cool thing about this rig is its really stretchy) and i added side to side on the head, some up and down on the head and did the lid of the cap as well while i was there. Still in blocking and keeping it all on the same keys, in this case on 3's. I still have to add the arm swaying and the wrist and hands, also some facial expression would be nice before i switch to spline. I prefer to put all the info i need into my poses including thinking about the overlap etc. in advance, that saves me time when i switch to spline and i know i have a solid basis for the principles in there. Down side is.. lots of cleaning to do in the Graph editor.

Creating a walk cycle part 2

I proceded to block in the thumbnails poses that you can see in part 1, starting with the COG (centre of gravity) and the hips and the legs. In this example i have already started tweaking the way the character moves his legs and hips. The feet are rotated out.. the body wobble. In a vanilla this would not happen so much, a bit bow leg etc.

Important to note here is that i have only done the main driving force (cog) and legs.. thats it. all movement comes from there. The process im working is referd to as layering.

Creating a walk cycle part 1

OK, so here is the planning i did at Animation Mentor during my first term for a regular plain old basic also known as vanilla walk. I thought it be fun to create a character walk based on this 1 year old planning with the Sergio rig you can find at they will be happy you do so, just give them some credit for it.