Friday, March 30, 2007


WOOT WOOT! awesome stuff happening and I am super proud to say I have accepted a full time postion as 3D Animator at Rare in the UK. ( ) They have done some trully amazing stuf in the game world and for the past 20 years! I look forward to working on anything they throw my way and we are currently looking at how to handle the move over.

Also my good friend Eric Luhta from AM and a skype buddy has landed himself a temp job at Blue Sky! amazing stuff and all thanks to AM for getting us there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Awesome take on Batman

Just wanted to share this link:

It is a really nicely done take on Batman, also since starting my own 3D short film production I am gaining more and more respect for those who have done it and do it so wel.


Monday, March 05, 2007

On the move again

So it's been a while ofcourse. I am not a weekly blogger seems. Anyhow lots has been going on and one major thing is that we are heading back to Europe. We will be trying our luck there and will leave island live behind us. Its been an interesting and long 20 months here and have discoverd new levels of relaxations. However its time to step up and persue what ive been working on really hard here and that is animating and attending Animation Mentor. I am currently about to finish up on my class 5, short film pre-production and after this I will only have 3 months left in the programm. I am however taking a break since animating the short film and class 6 will be very demanding and at this time I dont have the rest in my life. It will also be nice to enjoy life... since the harder one animates the less they get to go and play outside. So as time goes by I will post more about all this later... for now.. this is what we are leaving behind...