Friday, April 27, 2007

Time to write something

Ok, so... time to write something in this blog since its been a solid month! 3 weeks of living in a hotel room with my wife and daughter have past here in the U.K. and my first 2 weeks at Rare have been completed. We finally got a apartment in Tamworth and will be looking for a bed this weekend so we can sleep comfy and do the rest as we go along. Tamworth itself is just a city like any other really but it is strategically located between work and Birmingham with a good train connection and Birmingham Airport nearby. We will stay here for at least 6 months to get settled and take our time to check ot the beautifull country side here in the British Midlands, maybe find a house out in the twigs some day... that be really cool. Lots of castels here aswel that I would like to go see.

I am working on cool little creatures at work with all sorts of legs and wings which is quite a challange but i am finding i am getting more and more comfortable with it and i should be up to full speed soon now that we have a house and all... thats a big relief for sure.

I do mis AM, and the guys and i hope to continue class 6 soon as possible. Although with work we will have to see how much i can put in. However 3 more months and i graduate from the program so that is something to shoot for for sure!