Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Ok, so I asked permission and got it... and the game is out now any way. Here are some shots I did for the Transformers game cinematic's for Reel FX. It was my first EVER 3D professional experience and I truly loved doing it. The Reel FX guys were really supportive and even though all work was done over the internet, feedback was always there and I felt like part of a team... but then at home in my shorts.. in the Bahamas, cause thats where I was living at the time. Hope you dig 'em!

Monday, July 16, 2007

New short & stuff

So I have written a new short... I am currently trying to trim it down some and cut off the unnecessary fat. It is not actually a new short, I wrote it during my class 5 but chose a different one instead. One that would be easier to complete within 3 months. However I felt that it was missing certain things that I have become more aware of since January. Either way I will be developing my new idea and then taking a look at both just to be sure I will be making the film that I feel is better. But most importantly the one that has the most acting potential. I will start class 6 in October so I have time to do this.

As for becoming more aware of things, I made a list of all the things I can still polish on my multiple character shot and all the things I see wrong with it now. It has become quite a big list and I am now wondering if I should just keep the shot as is just to remind myself what I was seeing then and what I am seeing now.

When I did some freelance work for Reel FX on the Transformers game my supervisor then had consistently the same notes... being keep it moving! No flat tangents in the GE. I have since then focussed allot on that aspect in my work.. moving holds... eradicating flat tangents, becoming more aware that I am animating in 3D space and should use all the channels as such. Putting this in mind has made my work flow allot faster from the get go... now that I am animating tons of in game animations but also small cut scenes on a day to day basis I feel I am truly building up a more solid foundation in my work. Getting better results quicker.

I am enjoying this aspect of games the most ... the quick turn around on different characters/creatures. It is extremely helpful to just get that solid and quick work flow going.