Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pinata wedding?

Ok, so a month has passed even though I only was on vacation for one week. It was really nice being back home and seeing old friends and family. Did some sailing on my brothers America's cup yacht and some late night beer drinking and chilling on the beach. Good stuff!

Much has happened in the mean time. I will not be going back to AM class 6 to finish my short sad to say. Moving cross continent has rendered me somewhat broke and do not feel comfortable putting my family under the financial stress again that AM inflicts on my situation.

At work I have been moved from the Art Asset Team to the full time Pinata 2 team. Doesn't change much work wise I have been animating Pinata's now since i arrived at Rare in April. Speaking of... some guy proposed through Pinata 1... check it out :-)

We send them a congrats card from the team, pretty geeky and cool at the same time :-)

Further more Olivier Ladiuex has joined Rare and is coming from London to the midlands... look forward to having another AM'er arround.. it will now be three of us.