Monday, May 12, 2008

Long awaited update.

Well some time to blog, lots of cool things are happening and have happened. I recently graduated from Animation Mentor and finished my short film Tourist Class. I am now trying to render it all out and hope to be able to throw it out there within a month or so.

Also the game I am working on will be done soon and the press embargo will be lifted tomorrow, so il post some more then. Really cool though it's been a year for me and now I will be getting my first XBOX 360 Game credit. I must say it is looking really impressive and I have learned tons on this project. I also think it is still one of the most original games out there and will do every one proud here at Rare who has worked on it.

My good buddy Robert Barros got himself published in a book so check out his blog, and Jamie Quist is making some seriously cool art and is now attending art school, Jamie has a awesome perspective on life, can’t wait to see more of his work. Mr.Music is kicking it in NY as a freelance animator and so is Mr. Lutha, both worked on Horton here’s a who so the OSG is still going strong.

Also I hope to be bringing out my updated demo reel really soon, I have some cool stuff coming out this year and the freelance work I’ve done for ReelFX for Kung Fu Panda commercials and DVD stuff should add to it rather nicely :-)