Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok i'm posting these hands not because they are so good but so i can look back at the end of the year and see if i've improved. This is the first batch i did since posting saying i would draw hands to get started. Today was the first day i did not draw in 2 weeks... i have some kind of weird pinched nerve or someting that makes my leg feel like it is suffering from pins and needles with out the tikling... see how that ends but i thought some rest should help


I joined Draw a holics, our goal is to draw some kind of animal every week. This week... zebra...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cats and Dogs 2: The revenge of Kitty Galore

Checked my inbox and got the AWNTV email with the Cats and Dogs trailer in the spotlight. How cool, first feature film work for me! No shots in the trailer but hope they will make it on the big screen to be released this summer.

Working at Tippett Studios was great in so many ways, I look forward to watching the movie and knowing all the story's behind the shots.

Check out the link for the trailer!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting in shape... creatively

Its a new year, new round new chances...

Like most people I try to set a few goals for each year. Last years... read more books watch less TV.. which I did and have refound the joy of reading a book and letting my own imagination take control instead of someone else's when you watch TV or a movie.

This years... get in shape creatively!

It's very easy to come home and kick back and do nothing after a long day at work. I mean I work in a creative industry right, why the need to get in shape for it? Well when I'm at work I work for my employer and the director and the animation supervisors and the production coordinators etc etc.

I am expected to deliver a certain amount of creativity on any given day, which is great I enjoy doing that. However Ive found that the more I am going through production the less I am actually involved in expanding my own creativity, the stuff that makes me as an artist so to say since working creative on demand is just that... as a animator I execute some one else's idea and add my own vision to that. Sometimes successfully sometimes not but if it were a equation or a percentage i would say a animators shot is handed to him with about 60% already decided for him or her by what is needed for the movie, specific scene etc. It comes down to how you execute that idea really.

So with that said I find I feel the urge to do more for myself and re-connect with the basics that got me going in the first place... drawing characters, cartoons and telling a little story once in a while. However my over extensive use of the computer the last 4 years or so that I have entered the 3D animation realm, have left my skills well beyond rusty. I can barely draw stick figures when I do my planning for animation seems.

So this past weekend I bought some pencils and pencil lead fillers and have started sketching again beginning with the basics, hands. Hard as ever but really important for an animator. Hands tell an incredible amount about some ones mood or attitude. Fidgety hands, strong hands, a fist or open palm, relaxed hands and tense hands, it goes on and on.

By starting with this I hope to open up my creative channels even more and regain my old drawing skills. This creativity will inevitably run through to my production work which I hope will make me a better animator, and thus deliver a better product for my boss...

see, every one wins :-)